Lenny is published.

Have you heard the news? "Lenny Peed on That" has officially hit the streets, and people are talking. I mean, who wouldn't want to read a book about a mischievous pup and his potty problems? Fire hydrants, snow, and benches beware!

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The Worst Junk in America

Despite my lack of formal education, I had a knack for computers. I started out in a basement, fitting wires and connecting various bits and bobs, gradually working my way up to the fume-filled garage we affectionately called Microsoft.

Oh, Snap! Selfies in Santa Monica

I’m paranoid about taking selfies. Taken from the front, my nose looks too big. Angled on the side, my chin looks like Jay Leno. Whether taken on this side or that, up, down, or as far away as I can reach, there is no good angle for me and the selfie.  I suck at taking selfies—BUT at least I’m alive.

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