Lenny is published.

It's been a great few months. "Lenny Peed on That" was published and sold out its first printing. We cannot thank everyone enough for their support, including Lenny's Little Learners. It is available at all major retailers if you haven't received your copy yet. We are also meeting many independent bookstores and retailers to bring... Continue Reading →

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The Complex Coyote

The Complex Coyote comes out of hiding somewhere between 6 and 8 a.m. He walks along on the edges between wild field and townhome peers through temperate glass faces with sly grins a matted fugitive swings on the forgotten pushes the red moon to sniff the farthest star He snarls at patterns and domestication Janine... Continue Reading →

Article – NAV CANADA (Nav Drone app)

Client: NAV CANADA (News Canada/ L'édition nouvelles) Title: Can you fly a drone in your yard? Length: 350 words Distribution Date: 2022 --------- ARTICLE ---------  Can you fly a drone in your yard? (NC) Drones have become a popular hobby, and they are not just for people who like flying remote-controlled objects. With camera drones... Continue Reading →

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