Radio – Don’t settle for substitute chicken.

Client: Chicken Farmers of Canada (News Canada/ L’édition nouvelles)

Title: Don’t settle for substitute chicken

Length: 60 seconds Distribution Date: 2022

——— SCRIPT ——— 

Reporter Script:

We all know that chicken came first, but how does plant-based chicken stack up?

The rise of plant-based simulated meats has become a trend, and many people think it is healthier than the real thing. But that’s not necessarily true.

Dietitian Gina Sunderland agrees:

Spokesperson Quote:

Plant-based, imitation chicken may not be the best choice for many of us. Just because a package says plant-based, it doesn’t mean it’s healthier and it doesn’t mean it can offer the same nutrition benefits as chicken. Imitation chicken is a highly processed food, high in fat, sodium, and preservatives and made-up of more than fifteen ingredients. Chicken on the other hand is a high protein, low fat, single-ingredient food that is both affordable and sustainable. 

Reporter Script:

More than ninety per cent of Canadian chicken farms are family-owned, making chicken a sound choice for consumers who want to support the country’s farmers.

While imitation chicken may be marketed to look like the real thing, it’s important to get the facts. Find out more at chicken dot ca.


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