Kitty’s Mysterious Midnight Lake

Imagine 30 years into the future, technology has advanced significantly but also caused societal problems and imbalances.

Holograms replaced traditional television and cinema, leading to job losses and original entertainment. Cell phones evolved into brain implants. They said the technology would be an extension of man, but who knew the first test subjects would be women? It all started with fake noses, boobs, and Kim Kardashian’s butt. Implants were innocent then. Today there’s even a chip in my nail. I don’t have to study or even work. I just plug into AI-975 and spend a few hours charging or de-charing. Who knows where my energy goes? Then I can go home to a dog crate in the sky while cats take our blood and temperature at night. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a crate fit for a King Corso, but if you’re like 95% of the population, you’ll be squished in one built just big enough for a Dachshund. Just don’t take your sweet time getting there because if you’re caught wandering about, you’ll be a cat’s toy mouse bouncing around on the sand dune litter-like ground for hours, wishing you stopped looking to the sky for answers.

Today, however, I got caught in the rain. The charcoal grey drops that singed my skin are a result of artificial weather manipulation in an attempt to combat climate change. I could have even predicted back when the fires burned in Canada, we were past the point of saving the world. The media blamed it on the forest, but I knew it was the start of the AI takeover, and what better country to start with than Canada, where they so freely gave up their resources and land. They even handed it off with an apology or two. Sorry. So sorry. Is there anything thing else? How ‘bout you take my health card? After all, I only waited sixty years for an available doctor to enjoy the illusion of free healthcare.

If only we had intervened then and empowered the Canadians to say no. No, we’re not sorry and extinguished that fire by plunging it into the depths of the black lake. Instead, the trees seeped all their syrup, coating the land in gook and goo, so all the dogs and people were stuck. It wasn’t until the cats, who climbed high, came down to their rescue and licked licked licked. So now we find ourselves indebted to Lucky, Maverick and Sam, deserving our utmost apologies for the disgrace we brought upon the planet. This extends even to the magnificent Maine Coon, residing in Graceland.

Prompt: A black lake


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